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What You Need to Know about Herpes Remedies.

Basically, herpes is a name for a group of virus known to cause blisters and sores. Usually, herpes virus is the commonly known. This virus occurs in two types, type one and two. Type 1 result in cold sores and blisters around the mouth and type 2 results in genital sores. As a result, oral symptoms are often caused by the first type while genital symptoms are usually caused by second type. Contact is the mode of spreading Herpes simplex virus.

An individual will contract type 1 herpes virus through infected saliva contact. Infected saliva contact may happen during kissing or when sharing personal items and utensils. The type 1 virus is, however, associated with causing lips, mouth, and face infections. Type II is usually sexually transmitted and the causes genital sores. It is, however, possible to transmit genital herpes even without visible symptoms. When you get the symptoms, however, herpes treatment is necessary.

The common signs of herpes include fever blisters, enlarged lymph nodes, and mouth sores. After the outbreak, herpes virus may drawback to the nervous system and may be activated by some triggers. Among the triggers for herpes virus activity are such as hormonal changes, stress, illness, surgery, certain food and a weakened immunity. There are, however, some home remedies for herpes. The following are some of them.

1. Using ice cubes.

In this case, you wrap several ice cubes using a plastic bag. You will then apply the ice pack on the blisters. You should, however, repeat such cold compresses about 2-3 time a day for a week. The reason why an ice pack is a good home remedy for herpes is that it controls swelling and relieves pain. Therefore, the ice pack relieves underlying tissue from burning sensation and pain due to the blisters.

2. Using baking soda.

Because of its many applications, baking soda is a popular home remedy. For herpes treatment, however, you should mix 2-3 teaspoons of the baking soda with a glass of warm water. Apply the solution to the blisters using surgical cotton balls. The application should be repeated 2 to 3 times every day. However, baking soda produces a soothing effect because it is mild alkaline. Because of this, burning sensation and itching due to herpes blisters are relieved. Baking soda also reduces swelling because it is a great anti-inflammatory agent.

Basically, doctors can prescribe antiviral drugs to minimize multiplication of the virus but there is no medication that can cure herpes. Through home remedies for herpes, however, you can get the remedy you need.

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